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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gaia - State Of Urgency (2011) - Hardcore/Metal/Trash

Country: Ma, USA


1. State of Urgency
2. Faux News
3. The Root of all Evil
4. Chaos Profits
5. U.S. Inc.
6. Savior Self


Monday, March 12, 2012

I Am A Curse - Prequel for an Unforiving Wreckage: Barren Lands (2011) - Down-tuned Punk

Country: France


01 - And The Red Shall Disappear First...
02 - The Lighthouse
03 - The Wreck
04 - The Open Sea
05 - An Unspoken Drift From Scylla To Charybdis part. I


Burn Everything - Last Run Through The Ruins (2011) - Mathcore/Hardcore/Grindcore



1. Ghost of The Waves
2. Kenny Jihad
3. Directed by David Lynch
4. They Don't Advertise Killers...
5. Ambulance Chaser
6. Crumbling Monolith


Sunday, March 4, 2012

TxCxAx - Abhorrence (2011) - Trashcore/Power violence

Country: Belarus


01. I hate you
02. Hope for a bright future
03. Take your shit back
04. I saw a drowned man...It was Jesus
05. Some hardcore bands make me barf
06. Fucking UFO ate my pizza
07. When was the last time you've read a book
08. Benedick XVI.
09. Our scene is splendid
10. My dad listens to Slayer
11. Sell your mother and buy Spazz vinyl
12. Star Wars is just good film series
13. Moshing like a pussy
14. Detestation


Comity - The Journey Is Over Now (2011) - Mathcore/Experimental/Crust

Country: France

1 - Part I (11’40)
2 - Part II (8’22)
3 - Part III (9’01)
4 - Part IV (21’58)

Website visit their page at bandcamp and show your support by buying the album any amount you want.

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