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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random Conflict - Escapism (2008) - Deathcore/Metal

Origin: Birmingham, Midlands, UK

Line Up:

Luke Bellamy - vocals
Lee Williams - vocals
Tommy Noble - guitars
Kevin Hingley - bass
Glen Homer- drums
Cunliffe - former bass


1. The Pledge (Intro)
2. My Devil Danced With His Demon
3. 21 Grams
4. Knives And Lint
5. Hearts On Sleeve, Head Above Water
6. Ball Rooms And Blood Trails
7. Obsession Is A  Young Man's Game
8. It Took 08 Shots Plus
9. Forensics
10. The World Is Full of Skydivers
11. Escapism


Monday, March 30, 2009

An American Shootout - Convergence EP (2007) - Deathcore

Origin: Indiana, USA


Taylor C. - vocals
Csongore E. - guitars
Brad S. - guitars
Andrew C. - bass
Zach R. - drums


1. Intro
2. Nights Like These
3. Three Cheers For Nihilism
4. Divergence
5. Another Time Another Place
6. Convergence


Sunday, March 29, 2009

War From A Harlot's Mouth - In Shoals (2009) - Deathcore/Hardcore

Origin: Berlin, Germany


Nico - vocals
Simon - guitar
Daniel - guitar
Filip - bass
Paule - drums


1. They Com In Shoals
2. No High Five For Coward
3. Briefing Security Werewolves On Red Alert
4. Crooks At Your Door
5. Justice From The Lips Of The Highest Bidder
6. Copyriot
7. The Certain Nothing
8. Appropriate Tools Required To Intercept And Obstruct Errorism
9. What Happens In The District... (Paper Agents)
10. ... Stays In The District (I'm THe Black Sheep Of Her Country)
11. Scully

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Burdens - (EP) - Hardcore/Metal

Origin: Pennsylvania, USA

Line Up:

Jared Birdseye - vocals
Dan Zimmerman - guitar
Chris Evans - guitar
Marty Williams - bass
Dave Lawson - drums


1. Fit For Swine
2. Creator Destroyer
3. Wolf of Want
4. Less And Less
5. Jesus Skin
6. Thunderhawk
7.  Power Trip


Last Night In Town - Herding The Storm (EP) (2009) - Metalcore/Progressive

Origin : Sacramento, California
Line Up:

Ryan: vocals
Kevin: guitar
Zach: guitar
Bronson: bass
Alan: drums


1. Shadow Moses
2. Assholes
3. Blue Chord
4. Sheppards

Download: Herding The Storm (EP) 19.61MB

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Right Back Edje - A.D.D. (2002) - Skacore/Punk

Right Back Edje - A.D.D. (2002)

Origin: Delfi, The Netherlands
Genre: Skacore/Punk/Angry Ska

Line up:

Jochem Jonkman - sax
Xander Van Der Spree - Bass
Maarten Bekx - vocals
Arie Franke - guitars
Thisj Jonkman - drums

Tracklist - A.D.D. (2002)

1. Just For You
2. S.B.F.
3. Watch Out For Lucky
4. Jack
5. Out of My Bed
6. Burning Desire
7. It's Me Who's Driving Here
8. Loads of Fun With Your Bun
9. S.B.F. (new version)


Monday, March 23, 2009

Skankin' Pickle - Skafunkrastapunk (1997) - Ska/Punk/Reggae

Line Up:

Mike Park - Saxophone/Vocals(89-96)
Lynette Knackstedt - Guitar/Vocals(89-96)
Mike Mattingly - Bass/Vocals(89-93)
Lars Nylander - Valve Trombone/Vocals(89-96)
Gerrt Lundquist - Slide Trombone/Vocals(89-96)
Chuck ''Mod'' Phelps - Drums(89-96)
Ian Miller - Bass(93-95)
Jay Vance - Bass(96)


1. Road Zombie
2. It's Not Too Late
3. Doin Something Naughty

4. Hulk Hogan
5. Racist World
6. Burnt Head
7. Asian Man
8. Ska
9. Fights

10. How Funk!
11. Fakin Jamaican
12. 24 Second Song
13. You Shouldn't Judge A Man By The Hair On His Butt!!
14. Peter Piper & Mary


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Elvenking - Two Poets and a Caravan of Weird Figures (2008) - Acoustic Folk/Power Metal

Artist: Elvenking
Origin: Italy
Album: Two Tragic Poets and a Caravan of Weird Figures
Genre: Acoustic Folk/Power Metal/Death Metal

Current Line Up:

Damnagoras - vocals (also plays bass formerly)
Aydan - guitars/backing vocals
Rafahel - guitars
Gorlan - bass
Elyghen - violin/keyboards
Zender - drums

Former Members:

Sargon - bass
Jarpen - guitars/vocals
Kleid - vocals

01.The Caravan of Weird Figures 01:16
02.Another Awful Hobs Tale 03:09
03.From Blood to Stone 04:12
04.Ask A Silly Question 03:30
05.She Lives at Dawn 01:25
06.The Winter Wake 04:12
07.Heaven is A Place on Earth 04:11
08.My Own Spiders Web 04:21
09.Not My Final Song 04:44
10.The Blackest of My Hearts 03:31
11.Miss Conception 04:51
12.My Little Moon 03:48


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bloodbath - The Fathomless Mastery (2008)


1. At the Behest of Their Death 03:41
2. Process of Disillumination 03:09
3. Slaughtering the Will to Live 03:37
4. Mock the Cross 04:02
5. Treasonous 04:13
6. Iesous 03:34
7. Drink From the Cup of Heresy 03:37
8. Devouring the Feeble 03:11
9. Earthrot 03:20
10. Hades Rising 05:05
11. Wretched Human Mirror 04:12


Mikael ?kerfeldt - Vocals (2000-2003, 2008-present) (Opeth, Steel (Swe), Katatonia (Swe), Eruption)
Anders "Blakkheim" Nystr?m - Guitars (Katatonia (Swe), Diabolical Masquerade, Bewitched (Swe))
Per "Sodomizer" Eriksson - Guitars (21 Lucifers, Genocrush Ferox, Komotio)
Jonas Renkse - Bass (Katatonia (Swe), October Tide)
Martin "Axe" Axenrot - Drums (Witchery (Swe), Nephenzy Chaos Order, Nifelheim (Swe), Triumphator (Swe), Morgue (Swe), Satanic Slaughter, Opeth)

Tracks 1, 5 & 10- music & lyrics written by Anders 'Blakkheim' Nystrom.
Tracks 2, 3, 6, 8 & 11- music & lyrics written by Jonas Renkse
Tracks 4, 7 & 9- music written by Per 'Sodomizer' Eriksson, lyrics written by
Mikael ?kerfeldt.
Guest Vocals by Christian ?lvestam.


Album Arts:

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sworn - The Alleviation (2007) - Melodic Metal/Black Metal


Bergen, Norway


Max Wilson - vocals
Christoffer Kjorsvik - guitars
Goran M. Hope - guitars
Tom Ian R. Klungland - drums

1. Alleviation
2. Heart of Decay
3. Silhouettes of a Broken World
4. Derived
5. Crow of Passage
6. Vivid Visions
7. The Beauty of my Funeral


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Foamers - The Foamers (2004) - Ska/Punk


01 Airs And Graces
02 An Open Letter
03 Erase All Of The Mistakes You Made
04 The Walking Dead
05 Here's To The Death Of Hard Graft
06 Smiles And Suits
07 Pub No.1
08 Our Way
09 Take It Back
10 Untitled
11 Last Of The True Believers
12 My Tv Sucks
13 Wash Your Hands
14 Bonus

Origin: United Kingdom

Band Status: Disbanded (1996-2004)

This self title album was their last.

Band Members :
Kerem Sheflik - Guitars / Vocals
Carlos- Guitar / Vocals
Christian- Bass / Vocals
Robin - Drums

Former Members :
Tom - Bass
Chris - Drums

Website *The domain may be for sale though..


Thursday, March 12, 2009

VA - Studio One Classics (2004)

Soul Jazz Records


1. The Skatalites - El Pussycat Ska
2. Carlton & The Shoes - Love Me Forever
3. The Sound Dimension - Rockfort Rock
4. Johnny Osbourne - Sing-Jay Stylee
5. The Heptones - Pretty Looks Isn't All
6. Slim Smith - Rougher Yet
7. Lone Ranger - Automatic
8. Horace Andy - Fever
9. Prince Jazzbo - School
10. The Wailers - Simmer Down
11. Burning Spear - Rocking Time
12. Alton Ellis - I'm Just A Guy
13. Sugar Minott - Oh Mr. DC
14. Jennifer Lara - Consider Me
15. Don Drummond - Confucious
16. Michigan & Smiley - Rub A Dub Style
17. The Sound Dimension - Full Up
18. Dennis Brown - No Man Is An Island


Choke Hold - Hardcore/Punk (1995)

Choke Hold - Content With Dying (1995)


1. Underneath
2. Afraid f Life
3. Content With Dying
4. Not a Solution
5. Religion on a Stick
6. Regression
7. Conditioned
8. Side Tracked
9. Your the Only One
10. Burning Bridges
11. Mindset
12. Instilled
13. Anchor
14. Culture Cease


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Layin' Waste - Hardcore/Metal/Southern Rock (2008)

Doylestown, Pennsylvania


1. Problems
2. Control Yourself
3. Pig
4. Defacer
5. Trouble
6. Rat Race
7. Sink In
8. Demolish

Download: Demo Album (2008)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No Torso - Ska/Punk

Origin: Oslo, Norway

No Torso is a Third wave ska band based in Norway.

Discography · Fatal Fraud (EP 2004 Fucking Northpole Records)
Several Brains (Asian Man Records/Fucking Northpole Records 2006)

Current Lineup:
Eivind Dypvik -Drums
Martin Brostigen -Guitar
Kristian Hamang -Guitar
Chris Nerland -Bass
Lars Oskarsen -Vocals
Eivind Solheim -Trumpet
Hans Friis -Trombone
Bendik Brænne -Saxophone

No Torso - Several Brains


1. Fight The Blue Horizon
2. Audition Division
3. I'm Glad I'm Alive (Reggae Version)
4. Hangman
5. Time Will Show
6. New Trend Makeover
7. Lick Me Till the Break of Dawn
8. Fatal Fraud
9. I'm Glad I'm Alive (Original)
10. Artificial Artists
10. The Hardest Sound


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oxymoron - Oi/Punk

Originally coming from Erlangen / Nuernberg - Germany their first real appearence was at the annual punk festival in their home town along with other local bands. After this show they got offered some gigs as support for more established acts all over Germany.

Current Lineup:
Sucker: Vocals/Guitars
Davey: Guitar
Moretti: Bass
Bjoern: Drums

Oxymoron - Feed The Breed (2001)

Bullet Proof


1. Here We Go...
2. Hit the Road (Again)
3. What's Going On
4. Big Mouth
5. Wild And Dangerous
6. R.I.P.
7. 21'st Century
8. Bullet Proof
9. Don't Call Me Cunt
10. Psychopath
11. The Day After
12. Stereo Type
13. Alive or Dead
14. Under Pressure


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bad Manners - Ska/Punk

Bad Manners Are Fronted by Buster Bloodvessel (born Douglas Trendle), the band was formed in 1976 while the members were at school together, and among their early incarnations were known as Stoop Solo and the Sheet Starchers. They were popular during the late 1970s and early 1980s, a period when lots of similar ska bands filled the charts. Some of their hits include "My Girl Lollipop", "Lip Up Fatty"," Ne Ne Na Na Na Na Nu Nu", "Special Brew" , " Lorraine ", " Just A Feeling", "Walking In The Sunshine" and the "Can Can". One of the main reasons for their notoriety was because of their outlandish, larger-than-life, huge tongued & shaven-headed front man. Buster's exploits got them banned from the British TV chart show Top of the Pops(which included dressing as Henry VIII and singing to a blow-up doll for the song "Lorraine", pouring a large can of baked beans over his head, and dressing
in a can-can dancer's dress to promote their single "Can-Can"). They were also banned from Italian TV when Buster had decided after a particularly successful concert that he should moon the crowd, having been told that the Pope was watching on TV. In 1986 Bad Manners went their seperate ways, but Buster reformed the band with Louis Alphonso, Martin Stewart, Winston Bazoomies,nick welsh & Chris Kane a year later. In 1989 he licensed the Blue Beat Records name & logo, and set up office in a 50ft barge in his back garden in Spring Hill, London. He closed the label in 1990, and two years later moved back to Stoke Newington. Despite having scored many hits and featuring prominently in the UK charts of the early 1980s, Bad Manners are perhaps most renowned for their songs Special Brew and lip up fatty. In 1995 Buster moved to Margate & fell in love with the seaside reasort. So much, that he opened up a hotel on the seafront called "Fatty Towers" , which catered for people with huge appetites. Whilst living in Margate at the hotel, Buster was a regular spectator at Margate
F.C. and Bad Manners sponsored the club for one season. "Fatty Towers" closed in 1998 & Buster moved back to his native North East London. As of 2007, Buster Bloodvessel still performs with Bad Manners in venues all over the UK & Europe. He is the only original member left in the band. They now headline their own annual music festival - 'Badfest'. This festival features ska, mod-related music and punk rock bands from the 1980s to the present. Bad Manners planned to tour the United States, Canada and Mexico in summer 2007 and the band is working on a new album.


1. Fatman
2. Can't Take My Eyes Out Off You
3. Happy
4. What Ya Gonna Do
5. Black Night
6. I'm a Mummy
7. Way Out Mummy
8. Teddy Bears Picnic
9. Cider Drinker
10. Tossin
11. Dat Think There
12. I Don't Care
13. Do Nothing
14. Eng-Er-Land
15. Hoots Mon
16. Manners Knees-Up

Bad Manners - Cider Drinker


Friday, March 6, 2009

Samadhi - Trash Metal/melodic/nu metal

From Bel Air Maryland, US. Combining the speed aggression of modern trash with the finesse of Euro-metal. Formed in 2001.


Mike Semesky - vocals
Greg Macklin - guitars
Dustin Thomason - guitars
Jim Pfau - bass
James Taylor - keys
Alex Rudinger - drums

Samadhi - Incandescence (2008)

Track List:

1. Field of Stone
2. Sea of Agony
3. Abandon All Hope
4. Forever Never Lasts
5. Incandescence
6. Ashes of Yesterday
7. Darkness of a Lie
8. Angels Cry
9. Feeding The Rage
10. Catastrophe

Samadhi - Ashes of Yesterday


Animosity - deathcore/psychedelic/progressive

A death core band from San Francisco, California. Songs with machine gun tempo's, and furious guttural vocals.

Current lineup:

Frank Costa - guitar
Evan Brewer - Bass
Chase Fraser - guitar
Leo Miller - vocals
Navene Koperweis- drums

1. Terrorstorm
2. Tooth Grinder
3. Bombs Over Rome
4. Evangelicult
5. Animal
6. Plunder Incorporated
7. Operating From The Ditch
8. You Can't Win
9. Progression In Defeat
10. Elucidation
11. A Passionate

Animosity - Terrorstorm - Animal


* There's an available free download of their "Altered Beast" 2008 EP 10" vinyl (digitally mastered) on their myspace..

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Taste of Local Music Scene - Naga City, Philippines

Here's how the Naga City music scene looks like..

Redrum - Cover of Hatebreed's This Is Now - On Metal Night 3 just recently......
Posted by: NJ A. on Bicolano Musicians (bicolanomusicians.ning.com)

Nasio Fontaine - Reggae/Roots Music

From Dominica also known as Waitikabuli, Nasio Fontaine began singing when he was eight years old at his school and the village Catholic church. He has the habit of making instruments out of anything he could find. With Influence from Rastafari and some reggae greats. Other influences are The Beatles, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, and Dominican Cadence music. His music is about waking up the consciousness of the opressed, revolution and things about "Jah" and his beliefs and views.

" I want my music to be my contribution to the world" - Nasio Fontaine

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