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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Inner Terrestrials - Punk/ska/dub

Formed in South East London and have been together since 1994 mixing punk, dub, ska, hardcore and more. They play and tour anywhere like festivals, demo's, protest sites and even parties all over UK and Europe.

Founding members:

J (guitars/vocals)
Fran (bass/vocals)
Paco (drums)


White Nightmare
Guns of Brixton


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Architect - Mathcore/Metal/Progressive Metal

Architect is a Metal/Mathcore band from Syracuse NY. Formerly known as Found Dead Hanging, and with lineup from Word As a Virus and Syracuse heroes. The band was formed in late 2004 after some life's screw ups they become bound and with new purpose. They let go completely of their pasts and focuses on what is now and the future. Their lyrics are direct, straightforward and brutal. Talking about their views, opinions of things that matters, things that are real. No shits like love lost, whining about girls, or family problems or craps like that. This is what I like about this band. They are trying to reinvent the old self of what punk and hardcore used to be. They wanted to reintroduce this back to the scene so that kids who forgot about the roots and focuses more on their looks more than what's inside their heads and the real purpose of this genre be back on track.
Real stuff delivered straight at you with sheer brutality..

Read more about them on Black Market Activities

* There is a UK band with the same name and genre.

Current Lineup:

Keith Allen: Vocals
Thomas Calandra: Base
James Bailey: Guitar
Thimoty Seib: Guitar
Anthony Michel: Drums
Origin: Syracuse, NY, USA

Sic Semper Tyrannis
Trepanning for Oil


Friday, February 20, 2009

Chicago in Flames - Ska/ Punk

Countless Times

Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark

Chicago In Flames

Steffen Palmberg - Bass
Jakob Lundby - Guitar /Vocal
Nikolai Avlund - Guitar
Malte Pedderson - Sax
Jonas Bentzen - Trombone
Ole Grell - Trumpet
Thomas Norreby - Drums


Band Website - chicagoinflames.dk ( i don't know if this site is still up or it's just my browser screwing it).

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Reel Big Fish - B-sides and Rarities Compilation 2007 (Un-official) - Ska Punk

1. Kiss Me Gently
2. Gigantic
3. Nothing Like A Dame
4. Uniform Destruction
5. Unity
6. Mele Kalikimaka
7. Love Boat
8. Take On Me
9. Monkey Man
10. Hungry Like A Wolf
11. Average Man
12. Rock With It
13. Bang! The Mouse Explodes
14. Cannibal (Dance Mix)
15. Rave-Olution
16. Stray Cat Strut
17. It's Not Easy (Pete's Dragon)
18. Main Street Electric
19. Beer ( New Version)

Main Street Electric
It's Not Easy (Pete's Dragon)


New Album Out! Fame, Fortune and Fornication. Released Jan 20, 2009

1. Nothin' But a Good Time (Poison)
2. Mama Weer All Crazee Now (Slade)
3. Veronica Sawyer (Edna's Goldfish)
4. Authority Song (John Mellencamp)
5. Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison)
6. The Long Run (The Eagles)
7. Won't Back Down (Tom Petty)
8. Keep a Cool Head (Desmond Dekker)
9. Monkey Man (Toots and the Maytals)
10. Talk Dirty to Me (Poison)

Talk Dirty to Me
Authority Song


More info about the new album

Monday, February 16, 2009

Heaven Shall Burn - Metalcore/ Melodic Death

A dynamic quintet from Germany. Heaven Shall burn is one of the first groups to cross and diminish the boundaries between death metal and hardcore bringing metal to a whole new path which is accessible from both sides of the two genres.. They started in 1997 playing in as many shows and festivals as possible which led to being noticed by record labels and finally began recording. Their music is a mixture of melodic death metal, trash metal with the aggression of metalcore and extreme musical technicality. Lyrics are thought provoking and intelligent. Staying away from topics like heartache, parental issues and fashion instead focusing on more important issues like history's dark days, oppression, racism and some other related topics.

Heaven Shall Burn

Markus - vocals
Alexander - guitar
Maik - guitar
Eric - bass
Matthias - drums

Quest For Resistance
Forlorn Skies


Ignite - Melodic Hardcore/ Rock/ Punk

From Orange County, Ignite has been making music for ten years and is already known in Australia,  Europe, South America and the mainland US. A rock band with hardcore roots with music purposed to educate and change. Their music are catchy, well written, matured, socially and politically aware lyrics with just a little screaming or growling making their message clearly heard. They also support some environment and social conscious groups like Doctors Without Borders, Habitat For Humanity, Sea Sheperds, Project Blue Sea and Earth First. For more info about this band visit the links below.

Ignite Is:

Zoli Teglas - vocals
Bret Rasmussen - base
Brian Balchack - guitar
Nik Hill - guitar
Craig Anderson - drums

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Friday, February 13, 2009

Ammunition - hardcore/ metalcore

Coming from Sta. Cruz, Laguna. This three piece hardcore band focuses on socio-political issues. They want to open peoples eyes about the country's situation and the crooked government system.They wanted equality, and the cries for justice to be heared."And because the struggle is never-ending.. Ammunition's music will linger on to oppose who are continuously fucking up our country" talking about Philippines, as they said on their page on a social network site. Ammunition's music is a fusion of hardcore and metal. You will notice the metal influence much on the guitar riffs their shredding. Their influences Hatebreed, Slayer, Skychurch and others alike they didn't mention.

Ammunition is:

Rodney - vocals/ guitars
Sidhart - base
Barry - drums

By the Light - Final Rage
Against the Wall - Infinite Suffering

Link to Ammunition's MySpace account: Ammunition

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Killbot - metal/ metalcore/ hardcore

Here's one you should check out. This is one of my personal picks. Killbot, Five guys from Cincinnati dedicated on making and self-promoting their music. Their fans ranges from metal/ hardcore crossing other genres. I guess it's because of the complexity and vastness of their style of music. They play alongside with some top bands related to their genre like Poison the Well and Protest the Hero.  Powerful intense songs of catchy choruses and brutally appealling growls. Combining these with heavy killer riffs, lowdown complex base lines and the heavy pounding of viscious drumlines and double pedals. Then we have a killer band. Killbot. Do check them out from time to time as they are finishing up their second album " The Anatomy of Catastrophe".

Killbot is:

Arik - vocals
Curtis - guitar
Kyle - guitar
Jeff - base 
Dave - drums 
Architect of Doom
Drop It
link to their my space account here >> Killbot

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fall Face First - New School Hardcore

Here's another local hardcore band from Laguna. Formed on 2002. They stood out on an emo genre dominated scene. Their songs talks about sensible stuffs from their personal struggles as well as their views on saving the environment, politics politricks, animal welfare, abortion, and human empowerment and all those shit. If your interested to learn more about them, what they do and their views, follow this link here FallFaceFirst.

Fall Face First is:

Chano - vocals
Karlo - guitars
Jophet - guitars
Bam - base
Odeng - drums

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mihara - Hardcore

Formed on 2004 started out as a five piece playing covers. They began making their own songs but after some gigs their front man left the band for some personal reasons. Their name Mihara was just randomly picked. They wasn't aware that it did actually mean something from on their practice of the Krishna consciousness. The word "Hara" is the way of addressing the energy of the lord (Krishna). Only one of them doesn't belong to this discipline.All three Rhoblin, Beda and Jay practices the discipline. Their music is explosively gritty with heavy spontaneous riffs. The voice goes well with their music and nicely audible even with the type of singing (scream) so you can understand their message very well. Here's the link to their my space account Mihara.

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