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Monday, February 16, 2009

Heaven Shall Burn - Metalcore/ Melodic Death

A dynamic quintet from Germany. Heaven Shall burn is one of the first groups to cross and diminish the boundaries between death metal and hardcore bringing metal to a whole new path which is accessible from both sides of the two genres.. They started in 1997 playing in as many shows and festivals as possible which led to being noticed by record labels and finally began recording. Their music is a mixture of melodic death metal, trash metal with the aggression of metalcore and extreme musical technicality. Lyrics are thought provoking and intelligent. Staying away from topics like heartache, parental issues and fashion instead focusing on more important issues like history's dark days, oppression, racism and some other related topics.

Heaven Shall Burn

Markus - vocals
Alexander - guitar
Maik - guitar
Eric - bass
Matthias - drums

Quest For Resistance
Forlorn Skies


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