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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Emerged back from "The Black Sea" Divided By Zero

Finally I found them again. Divided By Zero a band who fused genres like reggae into metal, hard rock, and punk that we never thought would sound good then. There was another band who did exactly what they are doing some years back. That band was Ghoulspoon. So is Divided By Zero a copycat? Certainly not. Cause They are it. They changed switched their name to divided by zero after some years of silence. And now they re-emerged back to the scene. Their debut "The Black Sea" like the bands name has deeper meanings it was not just picked because it sounded cool. He, Zach Goode, the vocalist of the band, compared the ability of the black sea to preserve shipwrecks to the situation of musicians. Like those shipwrecks so many musicians with really good talents and stuffs to share or show the world, are just waiting to be discovered. Mood of the lyrics are a taste of frustration, love, hope, experiences Zach had. The songs are explosive combined with some melodic tunes and aggressive riffs. The album centerpiece is a down tempo song Helicopter sings about hope and really plain music just some piano and basic down tempo drum line. Compared to the pieces of the old band. There was a noticeable change in the mood of their music. They sound more nu metal this time. But they still preserved their trademark fusions, there are only slight change on the mood and tempo of the pieces. And the lyrics became more mature. Over all they still have it. Link to their my space account.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

the seen reds - reggae/dub

The Seen Reds is a band/artist from Northern California. Music genre is reggae. I categorize them as irie reggae/dub rock. They remind me of Matisyahu also a reggae band/artist. Only, The Seen Reds maintain it's slow paced sleepy dub spontaneity. And they don't rap their lyrics. They also have these long instrumentals. If your a fan of reggae artists like Matisyahu and the likes then your definitely going to love this. Although you wont find any albums or songs out yet as this band is not yet signed. However you can download song tracks of their latest album "Leaf Dirt Mist and Cove" on PayPlay.ca a new music download site. Another site where you can download the entire album is CDbaby.com. Or you can visit their new MySpace account there's not much info there either but you can listen to some of their songs and view some pics too. The Seen Reds are Rich Mihalek on base, Riley Bradley on percussion and drums, Leland Smith on guitars, Ken Klinskowski vocals and melodics, and Edwardo Mendoza on vocals.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ghoulspoon back with a different name

A band originally formed in the late 80's by four high school friends. After their first ever gig in the early 90's they turned out to be a hit. They continue gaining popularity throughout the 90's slowly inching their position to rock stardom. They toured along sides some of the popular bands like 311, Korn, No doubt, Deftones, Incubus, Sublime, System of a down, Powerman 5000 and the likes. With their unique blend of rap, metal, reggae, and its heavy riffs with a couple or two lines in reggae, they gained respect and fans built up. They too won awards incliding best hard rock band in 2001. They managed to produce 3 albums and a few demos over the whole of their career on their own without having a manager or a major label. Some changes on the members went on through the rest of the late 90's until they reformed in 2001 changing the name to Divided by zero. Making them loose their former position in popularity. I guess the name changing was the reason why I can't find any results when i keyed in the bands name on search engines back in the early 2000. It was not very long when i started getting some. Well, after some years of wondering what or where the band was, I finnally get some answers. I'm writing a separate article on the new band Divided by Zero maybe next month.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Check Out This Local Artist PileDriver from Laguna

Yes they sound familiar. I've heard that name before their international right? Not! I did not know that this band was local (Philippines) until I saw their picture in the album. This band is homegrown, hail from Laguna. They are one of the many homegrown hardcore bands of Laguna whom produces and funds their own albums and gigs. Their music is a fuse of hardcore, hip-hop/rap mainly. Sta Rosa City their first album was funded promoted and produced all by themselves with the help from some of their friends. Check them out to know what they really all about. I think I saw an account on Myspace.com. Here's the link to Piledriver's my space account. Piledriver

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

108 - religous hard core

This is a band I knew back then when I was trying to sort out where or what genre do i really want to identify myself with. It too was a time where i was questioning the religious sect I belong to. The band 108 is a sort of religious band guess i can call it that, following the Krishna consciousness. Their name 108 is the number of beads they use for chanting. On each bead they chant "Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare", "Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare". That's repeating those phrase for a hundred and eight times. 108 is a hardcore band emerged at the time of the hardcore genre boom. The NYHC Underground video is where i saw these bands. But 108 caught my attention as they look different and their words are a bit peaceful for a hardcore band. Their music is intense and heavy with the bands political, spiritual as well as personal views and ideas are incorporated with it. On 1996 after the guitarist pursued his interests on Hinduism and decided to study more, they disbanded. It was only in 2006 that they got together when they are asked to play in one famous US summer event.

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