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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Emerged back from "The Black Sea" Divided By Zero

Finally I found them again. Divided By Zero a band who fused genres like reggae into metal, hard rock, and punk that we never thought would sound good then. There was another band who did exactly what they are doing some years back. That band was Ghoulspoon. So is Divided By Zero a copycat? Certainly not. Cause They are it. They changed switched their name to divided by zero after some years of silence. And now they re-emerged back to the scene. Their debut "The Black Sea" like the bands name has deeper meanings it was not just picked because it sounded cool. He, Zach Goode, the vocalist of the band, compared the ability of the black sea to preserve shipwrecks to the situation of musicians. Like those shipwrecks so many musicians with really good talents and stuffs to share or show the world, are just waiting to be discovered. Mood of the lyrics are a taste of frustration, love, hope, experiences Zach had. The songs are explosive combined with some melodic tunes and aggressive riffs. The album centerpiece is a down tempo song Helicopter sings about hope and really plain music just some piano and basic down tempo drum line. Compared to the pieces of the old band. There was a noticeable change in the mood of their music. They sound more nu metal this time. But they still preserved their trademark fusions, there are only slight change on the mood and tempo of the pieces. And the lyrics became more mature. Over all they still have it. Link to their my space account.

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