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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Right Back Edje - A.D.D. (2002) - Skacore/Punk

Right Back Edje - A.D.D. (2002)

Origin: Delfi, The Netherlands
Genre: Skacore/Punk/Angry Ska

Line up:

Jochem Jonkman - sax
Xander Van Der Spree - Bass
Maarten Bekx - vocals
Arie Franke - guitars
Thisj Jonkman - drums

Tracklist - A.D.D. (2002)

1. Just For You
2. S.B.F.
3. Watch Out For Lucky
4. Jack
5. Out of My Bed
6. Burning Desire
7. It's Me Who's Driving Here
8. Loads of Fun With Your Bun
9. S.B.F. (new version)


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