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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Killwithneydead - Inhaling The Breath Of A Bullet EP (2002) - Deathcore

Origin: North Carolina, USA


1. If It Ain't Johnny Cash, It Ain't County
2. I Already Have Enough Friends
3. Hold Me Closer Tony Danza
4. Another Tragic Case Of The Rock Star Syndrome
5. Starring Robert Downey Jr. As The Addict
6. It's Like Eating A Piece Of Jesus (A Murderer's Communion)
7. Is That My Blood Or Hers?
8. Why Smile When I'm Carrying This Gun
9. Mikey & The Apartment Of Misfit Porn
10. Killwhitneydead Vs. The River Bottom Nightmare Band
11. My Favorite Two Shades Of You Are Black And Blue


Killwhitneydead - ITBOAB EP (2002) 19.71MB



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