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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Demon Hunter - The World Is A Thorn (2010) - Metal/Hardcore/Christian

File:DemonHunter - TheWorldIsAThorn.jpg
1. Descending upon Us
2. LifeWar
3. Collapsing (feat. Björn "Speed" Strid of Soilwork)
4. This Is the Line
5. Driving Nails
6. The World Is a Thorn
7. Tie This Around Your Neck
8. Just Breathe (feat. Christian Älvestam of Miseration)
9. Shallow Water
10. Feel as Though You Could (feat. Dave Peters of Throwdown)
11. Blood in the Tears
12. Desire the Pain (Deluxe Edition bonus track)
13. Driving Nails (String Mix) (Deluxe Edition bonus track)


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